We install your new Equipment! Whether the equipment was purchased by the customer or was purchased through Tratech Mechanical Suppliers, we will always provide quality workmanship and time efficient service. Our expert technicians will provide the customer with an professional walk through after the install and a suggested maintenance program.


We provide the option to alleviate the worry and plan ahead. We will Service your equipment or fixtures and lines on a preset schedule. We may do a thorough cleaning of your equipment and advise you on your options regarding the findings of the condition. 

​Enjoy piece of mind knowing your equipment is running in top condition thanks to regular preventative maintenance provided by Tratech Mechanical. 

Drain Cleaning

Duct Cleaning​

We have a 24 hr Emergency Service in place. During regular business hours an emergency situation will get bumped up first in line as soon as the call comes in. After hours one of our qualified technicians will be on call to receive those emergency calls and deal with them promptly. Find out more >>>






The Tratech Mechanical Sales Department will be able to assist and advice you and simultaneously work with you to find the equipment that best suits your needs and is in your price range. We pride ourselves with our attitude not to push for sales.

We at Tratech understand often times these purchases come as a surprise (when your old equipment brakes down) and not everyone may be prepared for it financially. We work with the customer to troubleshoot the faulty equipment. We have often saved our customers large sums of their hard earned money, by simply fixing the broken equipment by replacing parts, rather than replacing it with a new piece of equipment.

However there are times when the purchase of a brand new piece of equipment is inevitable. Thankfully Tratech now offers financing to ease your worries. This allows you to pay your bill in increments, rather than a lump sum. Find out more >>>




Tratech has a highly qualified team armed with a full line of troubleshooting equipment for full colour video inspection, line locating, main stoppage locating & drain stoppage locating. We will provide the customer with a detailed report and a DVD of your drain inspection video.  

A Tratech Mechanical Team will get your project done. Whether Residential, Commercial or Industrial, we will assign a team of qualified experienced technicians to master your plumbing/heating/air conditioning needs from start to finish. 

​​Gas Fitting

Sheet Metal

Air Conditioning



In times where repairs are needed, we offer prompt assistance. Our highly qualified technicians will offer their expertise in all plumbing, heating & air conditioning fields.

We service industrial including burst piping, broken hot water tanks, faulty boilers,  to name just a few. 

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To provide the 

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Honest Full Service

Quality Workmanship and Fair Pricing