Here is a break down of our rates for 2016

Phone: 1-250-428-6713

Service Plumbing, Gas Fitting & Refrigeration

Base Rate $87.50/hr based on travel from job to shop to job 1 hr minimum


Monday to Friday

4:30 - 9:00 pm: 1.5 x Base Rate

After 9:00pm: Double Time.


8:00am - 4:30pm : 1.5 x Base Rate

After 4:30pm: Double Time


Double Time

One Hour Minimum

Drain Cleaning & Video Inspection

Main line blockages and drains 3" or bigger $ 125 hr based off travel from shop to job and back shop with cleaning and sanitizing of equipment after.

Small drain line blockages and video inspection and location services $87.50 hr.

Gas "A" Rate

$100 hr

New Construction / Project Pricing

We offer lower rates for new construction and projects call for more info. Call for more info on what we can offer you.